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Eco-Friendly Pool Equipment, We are the experts! We’ve been saving our clients significant amounts of money on their utility bills over the last few years and in many cases the savings are paying for the installation in two years or less.

With variable speed pool pump technology we can save clients anywhere from $40-110 per month of their utility bill. If a pool uses a conventional single-speed pump, it may cost $900 per year to run. (Numbers may vary by region.) After five years, home owners will have spent $4500 running that pump. Meanwhile, in a well-designed system with a variable-speed pump, the comparable operational costs may be as little as $200 per year. So at the end of five years, the dollars spent running the pump will be about $1000, less than 1/4 what would have been spent running the old single-speed pump. The cost savings continue to multiply the longer the new pump is used.

Feel free to contact us about eco-friendly pool equipment, we would love to talk to you about potential savings and equipment packages that can be tailored to your pool system.

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