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28 Mar 2013  /  by San Diego Poolman   /   0 Comments

Energy Star Certified Variable Speed Pumps

Pentair and Hayward have recently earned Energy Star certification on their line of variable speed pool pumps. This is a big step for both companies and the energy star certification further demonstrates the benefit of variable speed pool pump technology. To have this seal of approval from the EPA and Department of Energy, the variable […]
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23 May 2011  /  by San Diego Poolman   /   0 Comments

Algae infested pools

There’s nothing worse than an algae infested pool. Whether it happened from an equipment failure, a foreclosure property or just lack of chemicals, there’s always a fix and no pool is too tough to correct. It is best to correct the problem immediately so as not to create a health hazard in your backyard. During […]
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