SDG&E Pool Pump Rebates

SDG&E is offering Southern California customers a $200 rebate on the installation of select variable speed pool pumps and controllers. With variable speed pump technology, home owners can save significantly on their electricity bills. These highly efficient pool pumps utilize permanent magnet motors and move the pool water at slower rates over longer periods of time to exponentially save money and reduce electricity consumption. Variable speed pool pumps such as the Pentair VS-3050, IntelliFlo VF, and Hayward EcoStar are all included in the rebate. Some variable speed pumps require a controller to be installed to qualify for the rebate. For example, the Pentair VS-3050 pump would require either a SunTouch controller, EasyTouch controller, IntelliTouch controller, or IntelliComm II adapter to either be installed or be present for a rebate. The Pentair IntelliFlo VF and the Hayward EcoStar pumps are stand-alone systems that have on board controllers to program automated daily schedules. These pumps can also be integrated with controllers such as Jandy Control Systems, Pentair SunTouch, EasyTouch and IntelliTouch control systems. Each pool system is unique and San Diego Poolman can tailor a system specifically for your pools needs. Contact us today for a free estimate and to talk more about the benefits of variable speed pool pump technology.

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  1. is sdg&e still giving rebates for new variable speed pool pumps? thanks, gary


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