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22 Mar 2011  /  by San Diego Poolman   /   0 Comments

Pool Safety Fence

Only one single device has ever been tested, researched, and proven to have an effect upon drownings, and it’s been around for decades: a four-sided, isolation type pool fence, made from wrought-iron or approved vinyl material. A four-sided, isolation-type fence does not attach to a structure or a block wall, and should include a self-closing, […]
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23 Jan 2011  /  by San Diego Poolman   /   0 Comments

Energy Efficient Pool Equipment

Over the last few years pool manufacturers have been busy developing energy efficient pool equipment to help save you money and offer environmentally friendly alternatives. Variable speed pool pump technology uses permanent magnet motors similar to the ones used in hybrid cars to replace the induction motor. For example, by reducing the speed of the […]
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